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Peer reviewed papers on zoological topics including Behaviour - Conservation - Ecology - Morphology - Taxonomy - Zoogeography

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Dr Joanne Isaac (James Cook University, Townsville, Queensland, Australia)
Dr Aurelio Malo (Imperial College London, Silwood Park, Ascot, UK)
Lynn Raw (Afriherp Communications, Greenford, UK)
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Volume 1



Published Date
Redescription of the South African dwarf chameleon, Bradypodion nemorale Raw 1978 (Sauria: Chamaeleonidae), and description of two new species — Abstract
LRG Raw & DJ Brothers
online 3 Sep 2008
print 12 Sep 2008
Catalog of the Genus Varanus (Reptilia: Squamata: Varanidae) with new designations of a neotype and a lectotype — Abstract
HF De Lisle
15 Dec 2009

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